Dear Dave

My dear Dave,

I’ve known you since I was twelve years old. The first moment I saw you were kind of unexpected. It was just another night I spent on watching TV and then you came to sing. Nothing special but I just knew something might happen later.

Dave, what I try to say right now is, I don’t know why, but your songs influence me to hope. Hope for something impossible. I was thirteen years old that time when I heard ‘Crush’. I experienced my very first crush back then and it was similar with ‘Crush’ lyric. I listened to ‘Crush’ everyday, singing a part of it repeatedly,

“Has it ever crossed your mind? When we’re hanging spending time, girl. Are we just friend? Is there more? Is there more?”

I went through, day by day, with a hope inside of me. Someday he will realize, he will realize. Unfortunately, it turned to be nothing. “Am I crazy or falling in love? Is it real or just another crush?” It was not real and just another crush.

When I was down because of broken-heart-things, I listened to ‘A little too not over you’. It just described my feelings in some ways. But, Dave, the thing is someone who broke my heart was not real. I mean, he IS real, but what I thought about him is unreal. I was having illusion, you can call me delusional girl, I had my own imagination then it proved to be unreal and then it just happened, the broken-heart-thing. Maybe I have to revise your title to be ‘A little too not over my own imagination’.

After that, there was a time when I fell in love with a boy, it was real this time. He was sweet and kind, dreamlike type. He was similar with ‘Angel’ in your song.

“Through it all, she offers me protection, lots of love and affection, whether I’m right or wrong”

In love with an ‘Angel’ was amazing after what I’ve been through before. He made me completely in love, but then I realized…. The ‘crush’ and the ‘a little too not over you’ were waiting for me afterward.

After years until now I underwent the same mechanism in my love life. I had ‘crush’ – I broke my heart and I thought I was ‘a little too not over you’ – I met another person, like an ‘angel’ – then back again to the ‘crush’ and so on.

You know, your songs gave me hopes, sometimes made my imagination grew stronger, when it turned down your songs made me think “I’m not over it”, and then it just happened repeatedly.

Dave, don’t be mad, but I think I have to stop. Stop listening to your songs “for purpose”. My hopes grow unsustainably whenever I listen to your songs. I think I should listen to your songs freely without purpose on gaining hopes from now on. Let me stop at ‘A little too not over you’ today, and start over with nothing.

Dave, thank you for your songs. They were sung so beautifully. So beautiful that people can feel the meaning of the song. You have to know, I will grow stronger than ever. I won’t let my imagination rule me. I can stand day by day without hoping.

Sincerely yours,

Your fan girl.


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